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Sunbeam - Nutshell - Dry Black Raisin (Kali Kishmish) - 200 g - سیاہ کشمش

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Sunbeam black raisins (سیاہ کشمش) are a bit more special than most, as well with even more flavor and fun. They are a perfect component of an epic trail mix, a perfect solo snack or a showcase ingredient in cookies, cakes or breads. Stock up on these wonderful, healthy treats and keep the mood in your home or office golden.

  • Seedless High Quality Black Raisins
  • No Sugar Added, Fat Free
  • Trail mix and snacking, Great in salads, toppings, baking
  • NO sugar added - Non GMO - NO coloring.
  • Lunch box treat - DIY trail mix - Homemade protein bars.

About Sunbeam - Nutshell - Dry Black Raisin (Kali Kishmish) - 200 g

  • Raisins are a rich source of iron and copper as well as B complex vitamins which are vital for the formation of red blood cells. Regular consumption of raisins helps cure iron deficiency anemia and promotes blood clotting during wound healing.
  • Iron in raisins is beneficial in treating insomnia as it improves the quality of sleep in an individual
  • Premium & Natural
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Sunbeam - Nutshell - Dry Black Raisin (Kali Kishmish) - 200 g - سیاہ کشمش


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