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Basso - Italian - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1L (1000 ML)

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Basso Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100%, 1L

Packed in Italy, Rich In Taste | Premium & Light | Healthy Oil Choice

About Basso - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Perfect balance between taste and organoleptic properties, this oil is characterized by an intense fruity flavor that is accompanied by a slightly spicy note, in perfect contrast to the slight sweetness of fruit and herbs.


Basso Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an excellent choice for cooking due to its high quality. Produced with the best olives from Italy, Spain, and other European Union countries, this oil combines Ogliarola and Coratina varieties from Puglia, Italy with Arbequina and Hojiblanca varieties from Spain for a unique flavor. Feel confident in this 1L (1000 ML) bottle knowing it is made with the best ingredients.

Especially good for 
Thanks to its extreme versatility, this type of oil is suitable for numerous uses. It can serve as a raw condiment for meat or fish based foods, be used for the preparation of sauces or soups, or to enhance the taste of vegetables and side dishes.

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    Basso - Italian - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1L (1000 ML)

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