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Delesol - Olive Pomace Oil - 4 Liters Tin

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Delesol - Olive Pomace Oil - 4 Liters Tin
  • Higher smoke point than extra virgin olive oil
  • Milder olive taste
  • Great for fried foods
  • Versatile and economical

An economical option for your eatery or restaurant, this pomace oil features a higher smoke point and less distinctive flavor than extra virgin olive oil or virgin olive oil.

Olive pomace oil is a refined oil which is extracted from the olive pomace that is left behind after pressing, and combined with virgin olive oil for use.

This pomace oil is great for achieving a silky smooth consistency, similar to that achieved by using first press olive oil, without the strong flavor intrusion of such oil. The lighter flavor and milder olive taste is versatile and won't clash with the other ingredients in your recipes.

This multi-purpose oil has many benefits for your commercial kitchen. Since it has a higher smoke point, it's great for frying batch after batch of your fried chicken, fish, or other foods, without imparting an oily flavor. Great for sautéing vegetables or creating marinades, this oil also blends well when making sauces.

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Delesol - Olive Pomace Oil - 4 Liters Tin


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