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Glysolid - Body Lotion - Classic - 250ML

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Product description

Glysolid - Body Lotion - Classic - 250ML

Glysolid Intensive Care Body Lotion nourishes your skin with long-lasting moisture and essential nutrients. This non-greasy lotion uses natural glycerin to deeply hydrate for up to 24 hours, leaving skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. With its dermatologically-tested formula, Glysolid is suitable for all skin types and is fragrance-free.

  • Intensive care for dry and normal skin
  • Softly moisturises your skin
  • Making it smooth and supple
  • High-quality camomile extract reduces inflammation and irritations
  • Hydrates your skin


When other skin creams and lotions fail, Glysolid® will work!

Glysolid® is unlike other skin care products – you’ll notice this the first time you try it. Most creams and lotions available today are thin and watery. They absorb quickly but in order to get any lasting benefit, you have to reapply them multiple times per day.

Glysolid® works differently. It is thick, smooth, and silky. When applied to the skin, Glysolid® adds a light protective film, locking in your skin’s natural oils and moisture. This protection lasts for hours, providing your skin with the soothing moisture to help repair even the driest skin.

Due to its unique formula, Glysolid® is especially effective on the toughest areas of your body: hands, elbows, feet, heels, and knees. Light creams and lotions are almost completely ineffective for these trouble spots. However, Glysolid® quickly restores the natural beauty and softness of your skin. With regular use, your skin remains soft, smooth, and healthy looking.

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Glysolid - Body Lotion - Classic - 250ML


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