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Nespresso - Ispirazione Napoli - Coffee Capsule - Sleeve Of 10

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Nespresso - Ispirazione Napoli - Coffee Capsule - Sleeve Of 10


From the streets of Naples, the local deep-rooted coffee ritual inspired our dark roasting method in Ispirazione Napoli. The marriage of the coffee’s velvety texture and its delicious bitter aftertaste is a win to toast to with this classic Bitter Citrus Cool.

We created Ispirazione Napoli as a blend of Robusta from Uganda touched with Arabica from South America. We carefully selected coffees that could stand up to the intense roasting process resulting in a bold coffee that reflect Naples’ deep-rooted coffee history and traditions.
It takes real skill to roast to the intensity they do in Naples. As we push coffee further into to such extreme roasting degrees, a split-second could mean the difference between a beautiful, intense roast and a carbonized failure. This is why we started with Robusta beans that are particularly dense and rich in oils, allowing us to develop it for longer before it burns away. A fine grind helps bringing out the extremely thick body and delicious bitter notes that linger in its aftertaste.
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Nespresso - Ispirazione Napoli - Coffee Capsule - Sleeve Of 10


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