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Opal - Butyl Water Proof Tape - Sealing Tape - Repair Tape - 1 Pc

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Product description

Opal - Butyl Water Proof Tape - Sealing Tape - Repair Tape - 1 Pc

Opal's professional-grade Butyl Waterproof Tape offers durable and reliable sealing solutions for a variety of applications. Its strong adhesive and long-lasting persistence can effectively prevent leaks and corrosion for years. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Butyl tape is perfect for areas in the home where leaks and corrosion occur because it is waterproof and highly adhesive. Use butyl tapes for roofing repairs, leaking pipes, ventilation systems, etc.

Heavy-Duty Silver Aluminum Foil Tape Offers Maximum Leak Protection & Quick Fixes, Utilizing Powerful Adhesive & Thicker Construction to Form Tight Seals.

  • They can form an instant seal against water, air or dust, and remain permanently soft.
  • The tape is specially used where moisture and chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, flame resistance, heat and light reflectance is required.

  • Resistant to chemicals, heat and weather.

  • High tack cold weather adhesive.

  • Excellent adherence even in low temperature.

  • Blocks out moisture and odors.

  • Excellent insulation property.

  • Water and UV resistant.

  • Because of the strong stickiness, please wear gloves to prevent hand sticking.

  • In winter, it's better to use a hair dryer to heat camper roof repair before installation.

  • Do not peel off it after applying within 24 hours.

  • Do not use it with other waterproof material including benzene, benzene, ethylene, silicone and etc.

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Opal - Butyl Water Proof Tape - Sealing Tape - Repair Tape - 1 Pc


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